Am I Eligible For Services?

Pre-scheduled basic healthcare is provided by the Hannibal Free Clinic to those who:
Have no health insurance and have incomes lower than 150% of poverty.

Patients limited to counties – Lewis, Marion, Monroe, Pike, Ralls, Shelby

Current 2016 Federal Poverty guidelines @ 150%

Persons in household:                        Income:
1                                                                       $17,820
2                                                                      $24,030
3                                                                      $30,240
4                                                                      $36,450
5                                                                      $42,660
6                                                                      $48,870
7                                                                      $55,095

8                                                                      $61,335

Each additional family member           $  6,240

In order for you to receive services from the Hannibal Free Clinic, you must first be determined eligible for services. THIS IS NOT A WALK-IN CLINIC. Volunteer Doctors and Nurses are only available by scheduled appointments.

An eligibility form (which must be completed prior to scheduling an appointment) is included on the website. If you need assistance in completing this form, please contact the clinic. We have volunteers who can assist you.

The basic information we need to determine whether you are eligible includes:

  • A copy of your last year’s 1040 can also be used to verify your income. Having a copy of your recent 1040 is frequently necessary if the clinic volunteers are helping you obtain medications from pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs.
  • List of names and addresses of all healthcare providers that you have seen. A release of information is included on the second page of the application.  You will not be able to be scheduled for an appointment until your medical records have been obtained.
  • List of your current medications or bring the bottles.

Persons meeting eligibility criteria will be scheduled with an appointment as soon as one is available.  Please remember that the Hannibal Free Clinic is a VOLUNTEER clinic with limited resources.  We are not a State or Federal Agency.  All of our support comes from our COMMUNITY.  If you are scheduled at the clinic, we will do all that we can to assist you with your healthcare concerns, but please be patient with the time it may take to serve you.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to receive services please feel free to contact us via phone (573) 248-8307 or click here to e-mail us. If you believe you are eligible, please complete the form in the next section “how do I apply” so that a representative of the free clinic can review your application and consider your eligibility.