The Hannibal Free Clinic is dependent upon the generosity of the community. We need money to purchase supplies and medications that are not donated, and to offset the free clinic’s administrative expenses such as utilities and record management costs.

The Hannibal Free Clinic is a Missouri non-profit corporation and is a Missouri non-profit corporation and is also tax exempt by the IRS.

Making Your Donation Online
Tax deductible donations to the Hannibal Free Clinic can be made online:

Power of $2.50 Subscription Options

Hannibal Free Clinic the “Power of $2.50” Campaign – Your pocket change can change lives.

For ten years The Hannibal Free Clinic has been providing a hand-up for those who are temporarily unable to pay for healthcare. Story after story reveals hundreds of lives that have been restored thanks to the volunteer doctors, nurses and support team at the Hannibal Free Clinic. To maintain its ability to serve the community the Hannibal Free Clinic is launching “The Power of $2.50.”

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, the cost of a fast-food lunch or even a gallon of gasoline, the community is invited to help friends and neighbors by supporting the Hannibal Free Clinic in its “Power of $2.50” campaign. The funds raised will enable the clinic to continue to offset the costs of critical medications for patients, buy needed supplies and coordinate services that enable patients unable to pay for services to get back on their feet and regain their ability to live a productive life.

The “Power of $2.50” campaign literally enables one person’s pocket change to change the life of another and cumulatively change our community for the better. One person’s donation for the year will pay for a diabetic patient to have testing supplies to test two times a day for a year or provide a high quality statin drug for a year for two patients. That $2.50 per week which is only $130.00 per year will pay for five patients to have a blood pressure cuff for home monitoring. It would also pay for nicotine patches to help a person to quit smoking, or supply two to three people with a short term rescue inhaler to be used in an urgent situation. The goal is for pocket change to change lives for the better.

Making Your Donation By Check

If you would rather mail your donation, please make checks payable to:

Hannibal Free Clinic
And mailed to:

160 Progress Road
Hannibal, MO 63401