The Hannibal Free Clinic, a non-profit Missouri corporation, is led by a volunteer board of directors who represent a broad constituency of faith-based organizations, healthcare providers, civic groups, social service agencies, and education institutions.

Board of Directors

  • Joel Booth, Chairman (F & M Bank)
  • Irene Meyers, Vice-Chair (River Wealth/Investment Centers of America)
  • Kurt Ebers, Secretary (Hannibal Regional Medical Group)
  • Andrea Scott, Treasurer (Hannibal Regional Medical Group)
  • Adam Samaratoni, D.O., Medical Director (Hannibal Regional Medical Group)
  • Clare Blase Zanger (Trust GDC)
  • Todd Ahrens (Hannibal Regional Healthcare System)
  • Dr. Anthony Allen (Hannibal-LaGrange University)
  • Steve Keppner (Hannibal Regional Hospital)
  • Ann Cary, RN (Community Leader)
  • Kathy Gunn (Hannibal-LaGrange University)
  • Jean Kane (Community Leader)
  • Sharon Webster, RN, Clinic Manager
  • Sarah Boleach (Midwest Railroad Maintenance & Construction)
  • Joshua Ricker, D.D.S. (Hannibal Dental Group)
  • Ryan Humphreys (Hannibal Clinic)
  • Alicia Rollins (Hannibal Regional Healthcare System)
  • Woodrow Burt (Hannibal LaGrange University – Community Leader)